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WATCHESONWEB was founded by a team that has been working with passion for over fifteen years in the horology field, gaining a worldwide established experience in watch trade and direct production. All this ensures a high level of knowledge, both technical and commercial.

WATCHESONWEB team wanted to make available to a wider public his experience and his store, allowing the customer to purchase the products with a substantial savings resulting from the sale on-line.Many opportunities for all our users: for people who is fond of the horology world, or looking for a gift, for companies that need watches for incentives and promotional operations, WATCHESONWEB certainly has the opportunity for you. 


  • direct business relations with suppliers and manufacturers, which allows to have a large and low-priced brands collection.
  • savings for customers, as the sale on-line allows to eliminate the markup of a store, thus transformed into very attractive discounts always clearly shown near the price list.
  • only original watches, sold in their official packaging and with the same technical characteristics to those found on their one brand websites. Watches are guaranteed by both the producer and our website.
  • great variety of references, classified in various price ranges and according to the types of product available on the market.
  • stock availability for various references listed: just contact WATCHESONWEB via email or phone for more information on the models for which you want to purchase large quantities, such as for promotions, etc…
  • continuous updating of our offer, thanks to our established presence on the market and to the availability of many brands.
  • classification of all watches catalogued, in order to make an intuitive choice of the models or simply browse among the countless opportunities.
  • a simple but powerful website integrated to our information system that can monitor real-time all offers and news, as well as the orders status and the contacts with each individual client.

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